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Durable mobile shower stretchers

​With a mobile shower stretcher you can more easily transport and safely handle patients and elderly as you're on your way to wash and shower them. They're a common sight within hospitals and elderly homes, giving personnel a way to move people without risking work-related injuries from heavy lifting and transportation. It reduces the risks involved and thus the risk of nurses and doctors needing to take time off work or may even quit their job due to the pains and damage that heavy lifting may inflict upon them. Furthermore, it makes the whole hygienic process more dignified for the patient, a factor not often considered when handling people, especially those unable to move due to sickness, burns or injuries. So, within hospitals and elderly homes the shower stretchers are an integral part to help make sure that hygienic standards are met.

Assisted bathing

So where do you get them? Generally, these types of products are not available to the general public but are rather something made exclusive for elderly homes and hospitals. Usually they purchase shower stretchers directly from manufacturers like TR Equipment whom make a wide variety of products for assisted showering, bathing and so forth. Obviously, they need to hold a high standard as the importance of hygiene within medical institutions and nursing homes cannot be stressed enough. Without good hygiene, the risks of sickness, spread of disease, injuries and death increase exponentially within these places. It's reason enough to buy from TR Equipment whom hold a high quality standard while maintaining a low cost of ownership.​​